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What Can You Expect From Our 6-Treatment Lawn Care Program?

What Can You Expect From Our 6-Treatment Lawn Care Program?

Have you ever wondered why lawn care pros encourage six separate treatments throughout the growing season? One fertilizer application in the spring and one in late fall simply isn’t enough. Your lawn needs consistent care throughout the spring, summer, and fall to truly shine. From enhancing your property’s curb appeal to boosting your lawn’s immunity, there are so many advantages to a comprehensive Central Indiana lawn care program. We’ve carefully crafted a six-treatment lawn care program for our customers that maximizes the benefits to your turf. So, let’s dive into the benefits of our six treatments and what you can expect from our masterfully-developed lawn care program.

Timing matters: Our approach to timely lawn treatments.

Maintaining a luscious and robust lawn isn’t just about having the right products in your arsenal. It’s also about executing the applications with impeccable timing. The average growing season is 40 weeks long, and your lawn needs attention throughout the entire period. Our team at Brooklawn schedules lawn treatments every 6-8 weeks to guarantee that we’re tackling unexpected weeds and nurturing your grass with ample nutrients.


A regular treatment schedule allows our lawn care experts to monitor the lawn closely. We can catch subtle changes in your lawn’s appearance, so if something’s threatening your turf, we’ll diagnose and treat it swiftly. In addition to having expert eyes on your lawn, we’re also at your home ready to answer any questions concerning your lawn’s health. Each season brings new challenges, so having a lawn care specialist at your service can be helpful. Timing our treatments well is a crucial aspect of our approach to lawn care because we’ve witnessed over and over again how it benefits Indiana lawns.

Breaking down our lawn care process.

Application 1

In the spring, our team starts with a pre-emergent crabgrass control, a growth-boosting fertilizer, and broadleaf weed control. We tackle spring weeds head-on before they can fully establish themselves in your lawn. The crabgrass control will target unwanted foliage, stopping it from photosynthesizing and halting the weed-growing process. Then, our spring fertilizer application helps rebuild your grass’s energy after a long, hard winter. It includes a boost of essential elements like nitrogen and potassium that strengthen your grass roots, encourage a dense lawn, and promote a rich green lawn color.

Applications 2-5

The second to fifth treatments are a consistent application of granular fertilizer. We’ve chosen to provide customers with a slow-release granular fertilizer because it leaches nutrients into the soil over time. Rather than receiving an overload of nutrients at one time, your grass roots can uptake what they need gradually. Our granular fertilizer reduces stress on your lawn throughout the hot summer months and produces a consistent energy supply for your turf.

Application 6

In the fall, we end with our sixth and final treatment. We supply lawns with a winterizer, which builds a food reserve for your lawn as it goes into dormancy. This last fertilizer boost helps your lawn bounce back stronger in the spring and lengthens its growing season. Not only will the winterizer beautify your lawn in the coming year, but it will also help grass revive from harsh winters under the dense snow.

Tackling Indiana weeds throughout the year.

Weeds are a typical, constant struggle for every homeowner. It may seem like a new weed species is trying to conquer your yard each month! So, we take weed control seriously from the beginning of spring to the end of fall. To start the growing season off strong, we guard your lawn with broadleaf weed control, which lays down a barrier before weeds even sprout by targeting the undeveloped seeds. This control product stops the weed shoot from developing, so they’ll never interrupt your lawn.

Then, we follow up with a pre-emergent crabgrass control to eliminate all the hardy crabgrass growth in your lawn. It’s also worthwhile to recognize that different weeds have different germination times. For example, you may see dandelions emerge in one month, and clover pop up in another. As we treat your lawn, we’ll keep an eye on new growth in case we need to specially treat for different weeds. Here are some common Central Indiana weeds and their germination time:


  • Crabgrass– Will start appearing in May and can be a nuisance all growing season long.
  • Chickweed– Germinates in the late summer and early fall.
  • Ground ivy– Grows all season long but produces flowers in the spring.
  • White clover– Can germinate in the spring, summer, and early fall.
  • Dandelions– Inhabits lawns all growing season but produce flowers from April to May.
  • Spotted spurge– Germinates in June and July.

An abundance of Indiana weed species invade homeowner’s lawns from spring to fall. Our team understands that weeds can feel like an unstoppable army in your yard, with different species emerging throughout the growing season. But with a consistent, 6-treatment lawn care program, we take down existing weeds and shield your lawn from new unwanted growth.

Consistency is key.

Overall, the most essential part of our seasonal lawn care program is the value of adhering to a regular treatment schedule. Consistent applications encourage dense lawn growth and let us professionals monitor the health of your lawn. Plus, it gives us more time to address your concerns and make necessary adjustments. Maintaining a consistent lawn care schedule fosters lush lawn growth and allows us to proactively address your lawn’s changing needs, ensuring its continued health and vitality.

Uncover the advantages of a lawn care program with Brooklawn Services!

Gorgeous lawns don’t grow on trees– they’re carefully grown through expert lawn care proven to bolster your grass’s health! Brooklawn Services is committed to delivering exceptional Indiana lawn care services to homeowners. With offices in Indianapolis and Muncie, our team is ready to help any lawn in need. Ready to discover the Brooklawn difference in our lawn care program? Call 888.794.9555 or contact us here for superior Central Indiana lawn care. For more tips and tricks from the experts, visit our blog.