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Your backyard doesn’t have to be a haven for mosquitoes. Mosquito Control helps repel mosquitoes from coming into your property all summer long!

Repel Mosquitoes

Brooklawn’s technicians will evaluate the spaces that attract the most mosquitoes and apply treatments to your property to protect your family, pets, and home from these disease-carrying pests. Our technicians recommend five treatments per year, with the first application in May and continuing through October.

Kid & Pet Friendly

Treatments create a precise barrier spray that eliminates live mosquitoes on contact and bonds with foliage and surfaces to repel mosquitoes for up to 45 days. Mosquito Control is safe for kids and pets after 60 minutes from time of application. It will quickly kill adult mosquitoes and their larvae so you will see a significant reduction of mosquitoes within 24 hours of the application!

Want to get rid of MOSQUITOES?