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We understand that you might have questions about many of the services we provide. Below you will find some answers to the most frequently asked questions we have received. If what you have found on this page doesn’t answer a specific question you might have, please reach out to us by clicking the link below!

We are always ready to answer any questions you might have.



We recommend 6 applications for the best-looking lawn, but we can also personalize your program according to your budget and your lawn’s need for specific services.

All of the products applied by our Lawn Technicians are approved by the Indiana State Chemist. All our products are approved by the EPA for use where people and pets live, work and play. Your technician will leave behind treatment instructions and when normal use may resume.

We stand behind our applications. If you have any issues that arise in between treatments, we will schedule a service call and provide a resolution at no charge to you.

Our team members exemplify our company’s core values of honesty, pride, professionalism, and safety. It is our mission to build lasting impressions through remarkable service every time.

Yes, all of our technicians are certified through the Indiana State Chemist Office. They must first pass the state-required test to receive their license and annually earn additional continuing education credits specific to our industry to maintain their license.

We recommend watering a few times per week in the morning hours. A good rule of thumb would be to water deeply, and infrequently.

3.5″ – 4”. A good rule of thumb for mowing is to never cut off more than 1/3” of the grass blade during a mow.

Approximately 1-2 hours or until dry. Your technician will leave a detailed after-service note.


Our fertilizer is granular, and the pellets will fall to the soil. In addition, we mix our weed control products with a sticking agent to help them adhere directly to the target weed.

We recommend that you leave the clippings on the lawn. There is an abundance of nutrients that will break down and benefit the soil once absorbed.



Our program consists of 5 applications that will help repel mosquitoes from coming into your yard all summer long.

Each treatment will last approximately 45 days. Consecutive treatments will result in increased effectiveness.


Our licensed technician will use a backpack sprayer, which is designed to apply a barrier around the perimeter of your yard and home to repel mosquitoes.

We focus on the property line, the foliage, trees and shrubs around your home, shady areas, and under the eavesdrops.

You would simply want to cover your birdbath on the day of our arrival. We will not treat near koi ponds.

If rain is forecasted on your scheduled treatment day, we will reschedule for a day when it will be dry. It takes approximately 15 min on a warm day for the product to dry. We try, to the best of our ability, to select appropriate weather conditions for the product to achieve its maximum effect.

Mosquitoes are flying insects and because of that, no mosquito service is 100% effective. Mosquitoes will never be fully eradicated, but through consistent treatments, we will significantly control mosquito populations around your property.

We do not spray the lawn, we spray around the property where mosquitoes look to harbor. Our rule of thumb is to keep out of the area for approximately 60 minutes to allow the product to dry and then you can use the yard as usual for play!

Mosquitos breed in water. Make sure that all gutters are free of debris to let water flow. Please empty birdbaths, pet bowls, and watering cans frequently. Do not let empty containers fill up with stagnant water. FUN FACT: One cap of water can breed up to 500 mosquitos.



Discolored or spotted/blotched leaves, bare limbs, trunk or bark splitting among other things are signs that trees/shrubs are stressed. If you see any of the above on your trees or shrubs, we recommend a professional evaluation. Give our team a call today!

Several factors help determine how often trees/shrubs need to be watered, including the variety of plant, age, weather and soil type. Some plant species need more or less water than other species. This, combined with how wet or dry the weather has been, and how well the soil drains are usually a good place to start in your determination of proper watering amounts.

Pruning your trees and shrubs will vary by variety of plant. Some ornamentals can be trimmed in late spring and early summer when new growth becomes erratic. Others may need to be pruned just before or after the first fall freeze.

Various types of pests may affect your trees and shrubs in our service area. A few common damaging insects include Japanese Beetles, Bagworms, Aphids, Spider Mites, a variety of Scales and Borers. If you think you have a feeding pest, we recommend a professional evaluation and diagnosis to help determine the proper program and treatment. Give our team a call today!

At Brooklawn, we typically fertilize in the fall with a slow-release, year-long fertilizer. This helps give pants a boost coming out of stressful summer conditions and helps promote food storage for the winter months.

We recommend a fall fertilizer for your trees and shrubs. In some cases, dormant oils are recommended to help reduce symptoms of winter drying in evergreens. Also, some plants can be pruned back to help prevent winter damage.

Our program is designed to be a preventative program and not just addressing the damage that is or already has occurred. This means early applications will help reduce the effects of insects and disease.

Our tree and shrub program consists of up to 4 insect and disease foliar spray applications, root zone fertilization, borer soil injections, and dormant oil treatments. Programs are set up using the needs of the plants of concern and the customer’s desires.

We practice responsible pesticide usage and do not treat plants that do not need to be treated to help lessen the effects of the environment.

Like the products we use on your lawn, we recommend staying off treated areas until dry. Usually, the treatments are dry within 1 hour of application. Then normal activity, use, and play on the lawn can resume!