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Everything To Know About Fall Fertilizing Your Central Indiana Trees And Shrubs

Everything To Know About Fall Fertilizing Your Central Indiana Trees And Shrubs

Is your lawn prepped for the winter, but your trees and shrubs left behind? Your landscaping plants need much of the same care you give your lawn. Indiana winters are often cold and wet, with the temperatures hanging just below freezing. The climate creates the ideal atmosphere for mold and other threats to challenge your lawn, but a fall fertilizer can boost its strength before the winter months. Let’s break down fall fertilizer applications for trees and shrubs and how they will reward you with numerous benefits.

Why should I invest in fall fertilizer for my trees and shrubs?

After a hot, stressful summer, all landscaping plants benefit from a fertilizer application. It is especially helpful right before they slip into dormancy for the winter because they will have an extra boost of energy to grow come springtime. Take a look at the three benefits of fertilizing your woody plants in the fall.

  • It improves the chances of winter survival. One last fertilizer boost at the end of the growing season helps trees and shrubs build an energy reserve for the winter. It will help your shrubbery launch full force into spring with plenty of nitrogen to continue growing.
  • It strengthens the plant roots. NPK fertilizer gives plants the potassium and phosphorus they need to grow robust, deep roots. A healthy root system is the foundation for a vigorous plant, as healthy roots keep it anchored in the soil in trying weather and can fight against snow mold diseases.
  • It increases resistance against natural threats. Fortifying your trees and shrubs with essential nutrients in the fall boosts your plant’s natural defenses against pests and diseases. A fertilizer application will strengthen the cell walls, thicken the root system, and even make photosynthesis more efficient, contributing to a more vigorous immune system.

Fertilizer application methods for Indiana trees and shrubs.

An important factor in tree and shrub care is the method by which experts fertilize their shrubbery. From Late September to November, our tree and shrub specialists treat Indiana plants with rich fertilizer applications. The two fertilizing methods, soil drenching and direct injection, offer different benefits for your lawn.

  • Soil drench: Soil drenching involves soaking the soil around the tree base with a liquid fertilizer. Drenching is a quick and easy application process that homeowners can manage independently without investing in the costly equipment that direct injection requires.
  • Direct injection: Much like a human IV, a direct injection involves injecting liquid directly into the tree’s vascular system. Our team at Brooklawn opts to use the direct injection method because it’s highly efficient and an excellent way to accurately measure the nutrients your trees and shrubs receive. We locate the plant’s deep roots and inject it beneath the soil, where the fertilizer is most needed for plant health and growth.

How to manage nutrient deficiency in Indiana’s clay soil.

With low-quality, nutrient-deficient clay soil, every Central Indiana homeowner can benefit from a direct injection fertilizer application for their trees and shrubs. Indiana soil is composed of tiny clay particles, causing compaction in the earth and preventing roots from absorbing enough nutrients. To combat this, our lawn care specialists use direct injection to ensure your plants get a precise dose of essential nutrients straight into their system. Regardless of the nutrient levels in the soil, you can rest assured that your plant health is fostered before the harsh winter.

How to prepare for fall fertilization.

When you trust tree and shrub specialists with the task of fall applications, you can relax knowing that daunting tasks like fertilizer research, nutrient calculations, and physical labor are in the hands of a professional. However, there are some simple steps you can take to make the process smoother for your Central Indiana lawn care team.

  1. Evaluate your landscaping. Have you noticed any unusual symptoms on your trees and shrubs, like brown splotches, strange webbing, or cone-like objects hanging from the branches? Keeping an eye out for anomalies and reporting them to your tree and shrub specialist can help them better understand the needs of your landscaping plants.
  2. Conduct a soil test. Did you know Purdue University has several soil testing labs that will inform you of your soil’s nutrient levels? Seeking a basic soil test to determine your soil’s NPK and pH levels can help a professional choose the right fertilizer and application rates. You can get a lab test of your soil sample for as little as $20 by following Purdue’s instructions here.
  3. Clean the area. The last painless step you can take is to unclutter the area around your shrubs and trees. Whether there is a thick blanket of leaves, a watering can, or garden gnomes, clearing the area will make for a safer and more accessible space for your local shrub and tree experts to work.

Brooklawn’s solution to tree and shrub fertilization in Indiana.

As a company specially dedicated to lawn, tree, and shrub care, we’ve developed a trusted approach to tree and shrub fertilization that helps your landscaping flourish. We highly recommend Indiana homeowners invest in our six-treatment service that provides annual strength and protection for your plants. Our technicians will first assess your soil condition to analyze what your shrubs need to thrive. Then, they will check the surrounding area for pests like bagworms that pose a threat to your plants’ vitality. Finally, our landscaping experts will fertilize with a direct injection to supply your tree’s deep roots with essential nutrients. Our six-treatment solution promotes healthy, vibrant trees and shrubs through accurate and proven lawn and landscape care practices.

Schedule a tree and shrub fertilization with Brooklawn today!

With cool fall weather rolling in, there’s no better time to consider investing in a tree and shrub fertilizer application. Our team is offering Indiana lawn owners tree and shrub fertilizing services until November. Want to strengthen your landscaping plants before the grueling winter blows in? Call 888.794.9555 or contact us here to learn more about our Central Indiana lawn care and shrub services. For more tips and tricks from the experts, visit our blog.