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5 Best End Of The Year Practices For Your Winter Lawn Care In Indiana and Ohio

5 Best End Of The Year Practices For Your Winter Lawn Care In Indiana and Ohio

There’s always work to be done in lawn care. Spring is all about encouraging new growth, summer is for preserving your lawn through the scorching heat, and fall is for nurturing your turfgrass. So, what should homeowners consider for end-of-the-year lawn care? Late fall to early winter is a critical time to prepare your lawn for the upcoming Indiana and Ohio winter. From health-boosting tips to methods of winter protection, there are several opportunities to safeguard your turfgrass in the cold season. Remember these five best end-of-year lawn care practices as you prep your lawn for winter.

Why Is Winter Lawn Preparation So Important?

The winter months bring about several hazardous environmental changes that will challenge your lawn. However, proper lawn care increases your grass’s durability and health throughout the cold season. Frozen soil, heavy snowfall, and fluctuating temperatures can damage root and grass blade tissue. Still, there are several steps you can take to strengthen your lawn before the temperature dips below freezing. By undertaking a few lawn preparations, you actively prevent the need to pay for costly damage repair and prolonged disease treatments.

1. Excess Leaves And Debris

For best practices, we recommend clearing the lawn of excess amounts of leaves and debris. A moderate amount of leaves on the lawn is not a problem and we still complete applications. However, thick blankets of leaves and sticks will become matted down and can suffocate your lawn, especially in the winter. They can trap moisture beneath the organic matter and enable snow mold growth that may kill your lawn. On top of promoting mold diseases, layers of organic material block out sunlight from reaching your grass. This prevents your lawn from properly photosynthesizing for food production, leaving it weak and starved.

2. Mulch The Leaves For Added Protection

Many people bag and dispose of their leaves because it’s easy and aesthetically neat. However, it’s also practical to mulch your leaves instead. By mowing over your fallen leaves, you’re effectively chopping the material into a natural compost. Leaves are high in nitrogen and very fibrous, so the mulch will slowly seep nutrients into the soil, making it an effective and safe fertilizer. You can also use the mulched leaves for tree and shrub insulation. Patting the chopped material around the base of plants keeps heat and moisture in the soil below, keeping your plants hydrated and protected all winter long.

3. Cut Your Lawn Shorter

Now that the growing season has come to a close, it’s best to reduce your grass’s height with a final mow. Typically, lowering your mower settings down one or two notches will be short enough for the winter season. On average, we recommend trimming your grass in the late fall to 2.5 inches instead of the growing season height of 3.5 inches. The height change will motivate your grass plants to focus on developing stronger roots rather than producing more foliage. This change is essential, as the frozen soil and winter soil compaction will challenge your grass roots until springtime.

4. Apply Winterizer To Your Lawn

Winterizer, the final fertilizer application of the year, is vital to continuing your lawn’s fitness into spring. Winterizer is specially formulated to be stored in the grass roots for months and used when the ground thaws in the spring. It is developed with high nitrogen levels to promote the storage of carbohydrates. Applying a winterizer to your lawn is the best way to guarantee a quicker and brighter spring green-up with nourished new growth.

5. Nourish Your Lawn With A Final Watering

Indiana and Ohio have a naturally dry climate, but it’s especially dry in 2023 due to a continuous moderate drought. Drought is especially concerning in lawn care because it can threaten your lawn’s ability to resist diseases and physical threats. So, we recommend supplying your lawn with heavy watering before the ground freezes over.

The Long-Term Benefits Of Proper Winter Lawn Maintenance In Indiana and Ohio

There’s nothing more effective at gaining a lush lawn than investing in its long-term health. Just as humans regularly exercise and eat vegetables to stay fit and prevent sickness, your lawn can benefit from quality nutrition and care. Here are five significant advantages of investing in winter lawn care.

  • Enhanced curb appeal: A healthy lawn is a beautiful lawn, and winter lawn maintenance is the best seasonal measure for your turf’s health. Your healthful grass will reward you with a vibrant green and dense appearance when it leaves dormancy in the spring, improving the overall beauty of your home.
  • Increased property value: Lawn appearance and health are valuable and widely sought home features. Compared to other factors boosting curb appeal, an attractive lawn has the most significant return on investment at 217%, making it an excellent investment into your property.
  • Resistance to environmental stress: Blustery winds and freezing temperatures are standard winter features. These harsh conditions take a toll on your grass by displacing soil and compacting the earth. However, winterizer strengthens roots to withstand the pressure of environmental changes.
  • Prevention against diseases: Snowfall, ice, and fluctuating winter temperatures often create moist environments favorable for disease growth. By eliminating some of these factors, you can reduce the chances of snow mold in your turf.
  • Time and cost savings: Dead and diseased grass patches can take months or years to remedy. By building your lawn’s immunity and strengthening its roots and cell walls, you can protect your lawn and your wallet from unexpected expenses.

Treat Your Property To Reliable And Safe Lawn Care Today!

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