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Bagworm Alert – No They Are NOT Pine Cones!

Bagworm Alert – No They Are NOT Pine Cones!

Are you seeing these worms in your trees or shrubs?

In late spring, bagworm eggs hatch, and the larvae are released, where they will locate and attach to a host plant. They prefer evergreens like juniper, arborvitae, cedar, and spruce. As they defoliate plants very quickly, these small, dark worms will spin cocoons that resemble pine cones.

Our Bagworm Control Program is here to help.

  • Once diagnosed, treatments should begin immediately, or the area of infestation could expand.
  • Early detection prevents long-term damage to your landscaping.
  • Routine maintenance is recommended after treatments. Recurrence is common.


Take action before bagworms do permanent damage! Implement your personalized program or request a quote from our specialists.

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