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Why Do I Get Weeds In My Lawn Between Visits?

Why Do I Get Weeds In My Lawn Between Visits?

Are weeds setting up home in your yard? You might notice that summer annual weeds and crabgrass are popping up between lawn care visits. Weed invasions can be highly frustrating, especially if you’re diligent about maintaining consistent lawn care! But the best way to tackle unwanted pests is to understand where they come from and what treatments are best. Let’s explore some common reasons weeds pop up in your lawn this summer and how to combat them.

Understanding summer lawn weeds in Indiana.

Weeds are a tricky problem to tackle due to their resistance to harsh environments. For example, they might take over your yard, concrete, and sidewalk borders. Unfortunately, weed growth in the summer really only ends in mid-August when they stop germinating. So in the meantime, it’s essential to find a way to control their growth.


Several weeds inhabit lawns in Indiana, but crabgrass is among the most popular offenders. It’s easily identifiable due to its thick leaves that branch out from its center, like crab or spider legs. They are common invaders of lawns mowed too short or given light and frequent watering. Other common summer weeds include broadleaf plantain and dandelion, which spread rapidly through seed spreading.

How to stop weed growth between visits.

Brooklawn Services offers professional growth-regulator, herbicide applications that push out weeds without harming your grass in the process. It works by rapidly increasing the rate of growth for the plants until it grows too rapidly to keep up and dies of nutrient deficiencies. Meanwhile, your turf grows denser and more competitive. This growth-regulator application doesn’t just stop weeds within your yard. Weeds are resilient and will grow in unexpected places, so we also use sprays to eliminate plants crawling up through concrete, on the side of sidewalks and driveways, or any other hard-to-reach areas.


If your lawn is overrun with weeds, opting for a professional herbicide spray application that targets weeds is another excellent option. Selective herbicides are designed to target broadleaf weeds without damaging your grass blades. They stop the metabolic process of the plants, so the weeds can’t photosynthesize and create plant food. There are several methods to eliminate weeds from your lawn, but calling your local lawn care team is the best way to get solutions tailored to your concern.

What should I do if I have a couple of weeds here and there?

If you’re dealing with a small number of weeds, simply pluck them! Often, you can slow the spread of unwanted plants by removing the young growths before they seed. If there aren’t many weeds to eliminate, you probably won’t need a professional application. However, pulling the entire root is also critical when hand-picking weeds. Otherwise, they can grow right back and reproduce. Then, dispose of the weeds far from your yard so seeds don’t travel back into the soil. The best way to avoid cross-contamination is by filling a plastic garbage bag with the pulled weeds, tying it closed, and discarding it in the trash.

How to care for your lawn post-application.

Once a lawn care team applies a growth regulator, continue observing the area to affirm that it’s yielding positive results. Chances are you’ll see visible differences within a week of the application. If weeds are still crowding your lawn weeks later, it’s best to contact a professional and discuss switching to a more offensive treatment.


Once the weeds have dissipated from the application, thickening the turf near those affected areas with fertilizer applications is recommended. The best way to prevent weed growth is to ensure there’s no empty space for them to develop in. Regular fertilizer application services will boost turf growth and encourage it to fill the empty spaces left behind by the weeds. Thick, healthy grass growth acts as a natural barrier to external dangers such as weeds and other pests.

The importance of professional lawn care.

DIY lawn care can be an excellent way to learn your lawn’s needs and improve your home maintenance skills, but often it can become too overwhelming. Weeds are a common problem for Indiana homeowners, and tackling the issue is a significant responsibility. That’s where expert lawn care services come in handy: Take a look at these three benefits of choosing an Indiana lawn care company.

  • Professional lawn care is consistent and reliable. It can be easy to accidentally neglect the needs of your yard when you’re spending time at work, with your family, or doing other demanding chores. But choosing to lean on lawn care experts ensures you get punctual, regular service that prevents the potential overgrowth of weeds.
  • Professional lawn care is cost-effective. Weed overgrowth, lawn diseases, and pests cause costly damage, which can be avoided with a consistent lawn care program. Even at-home lawn care solutions are often trial and error, which require several expenses and add up quickly. So hiring a local lawn care company is an excellent investment because it saves you money in the long run.
  • You gain access to professional local insight. Choosing an expert lawn care service also pays off because you have a wealth of information from your local specialists. Local maintenance teams frequently solve regional lawn care problems so that you can come to them with questions or concerns, and they’ll be happy to help.

Say goodbye to summer weeds with Brooklawn Services

The hot summer brings about various pesky plants like crabgrass, broadleaf plantain, and dandelion, but there are several ways to combat these troublemakers. Many options exist for controlling weed growth, from less destructive growth inhibitors to selective herbicides. Call your lawn experts for modern solutions, and wave goodbye to those weeds for good!


Our Brooklawn team has the knowledge and experience to bring effective lawn care to your Indiana home. So if you’re looking for exceptional results for your lawn this summer, we’re here to help. Call Brooklawn Services at 888.794.9555 for a no-obligation, FREE quote for your lawn care today!