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Winterizer Application Could Save Your Lawn

Winterizer Application Could Save Your Lawn

Why apply winterizer? 


With the winter season upon us in Indiana, it is important to protect your lawn from the cold conditions coming.  


A common misconception is that lawn care is not necessary during the winter. However, if you want the greenest grass in the spring, it requires attention during the winter season as well.  


A winter fertilizer applied during the late fall, before the frost, is arguably the most important application of fertilizer for your lawn. Here’s why: 


What is winterizer? 


It is the last fertilization of the year applied in the fall from mid-October into late November. The process helps your lawn store more food for winter survival and encourages rooting in the spring, allowing your grass to grow thicker and improve vigor.  


This lawn winterizer is different from an early fall fertilization because it does not encourage growth when applied. With winter fertilizer, grass has an improved ability to retain water and nutrients throughout the cold season. Like taking vitamins, this will boost your lawn’s immunity leading to a strong turf in the spring.  


Even if you don’t notice your grass growing, it may still be active. Before your grass goes dormant it prepares by storing nutrients through its roots. Winter fertilizer helps support this root growth and strengthens your lawn preventing it from becoming susceptible to disease.  




  • Greener grass in the winter and spring 
  • Stronger root system 
  • Faster and fuller growth in the spring 
  • Less chance of disease