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Our History & Values: What Make Us The Best Lawn Care Company In Indianapolis and Muncie

Our History & Values: What Make Us The Best Lawn Care Company In Indianapolis and Muncie

As a local Indiana lawn care company deeply ingrained in the heart of Muncie, Brooklawn has become a top-rated business for its dedication to local families and lawn vitality. We have been offering lawn, tree, and shrub care to homeowners for several years. But our success doesn’t come from luck; it comes from our unwavering commitment to cultivating a pleasant customer experience and upholding our core values. Read on to discover what makes Brooklawn stand out from other lawn care companies in Indiana.

Brooklawn’s History

It all started with our earliest company, Jay-Crew. Founded in 1996, Jay-Crew provided Indiana businesses with professional landscaping, lawn care, irrigation, and year-round maintenance services. However, we wanted to provide more than just commercial care. In an effort to expand our services to residential Indiana, Jason Brooks, owner of Jay-Crew, founded Brooklawn in 2013. Since then, Brooklawn has delivered trusted lawn and tree care to families across Central Indiana.

We Uphold Several Fundamental Values.

We are the trusted company we are today because we stick to our core values. Since the inception of Brooklawn, upholding these values has been our top priority. Our four primary values have allowed us to deliver exceptional customer service and lawn care, delighting customers across the region.

  • Honesty: We believe responsibility and honesty are essential to good customer service. To maintain ethical practices, we always give fair and accurate quotes for each service. We also remain transparent in our practices through clear and concise contracts and explaining our processes to customers.
  • Pride: Our team’s pride strengthens our ability to deliver outstanding customer results. It motivates us to leave customers with enthusiasm and satisfaction about our work and continually empowers our employees to strive for excellence. The pride we share positively influences the quality of our work and boosts the satisfaction of homeowners.
  • Professionalism: Our team prioritizes clear communication in every aspect of the lawn and tree care process. From giving personal recommendations for your specific lawn problems to having a responsive customer service line, we actively work to ensure you’re in the loop. From online communication to in-person discussions, you’ll always be informed by an actual team member – no bots, no AI, and no-nonsense.
  • Safety: Brooklawn highlights the importance of regulation compliance and customer safety in its services. Not only are all our technicians trained in lawn care and landscaping safety, but we consistently use personal protective equipment on-site to reduce the risk of injury and maintain a secure working environment.

A Central Indiana Lawn Care Company Experienced With The Local Climate.

While massive national lawn care companies use the same products for every location, Brooklawn stands out as a local climate expert. Brooklawn technicians are specialists in the Central Indiana climate and its effects on lawns, trees, and shrubs. We understand Central Indiana has a humid continental climate with relatively hot summers, cold and snowy winters, and moderate transitional seasons. Our products and programs are tailored to the region’s changing climate and designed to be beneficial for Central Indiana grass types. So when you choose us, you can rest assured that your lawn is a patient treated by a specialist, not a general practitioner.

Our Lawn Care Technicians Are The Best Around.

Brooklawn is only as good as the team we’ve chosen, which is why we’re proud to have a group of hard-working and qualified technicians. We’re a small company with 11 skilled technicians. Our tight-knit group and small size help us deliver personalized services to residents in Indiana. When you call on us, you’ll always be met with a friendly and familiar face! Our team consistently exceeds customer expectations, with reviews highlighting their quick timing, attentive work, and trustworthiness.

  • Speedy: From our response to project completion time, our team swiftly gets the job done. We emphasize quick communication and are easily reachable through our contact lines during our open hours. Finally, when we’re tending to your home lawn, we’ll be in and out in no time.
  • Attentive: With years of experience under their belts, our lawn care technicians have developed exceptional attention to detail. Our lawn care maintenance team has a keen eye for identifying health concerns in your turf to tackle the problem quickly, and we have a knack for developing the most aesthetically pleasing lawn.
  • Trustworthy: Our technicians maintain a high level of professionalism and reliability. We aim to foster a sense of trust with every customer interaction so you can feel confident in our services. Our technicians also prioritize safety during lawn maintenance. Our technicians adhere to safety protocols when handling chemicals and equipment to ensure the well-being of employees and the customers’ property.

We Always Seek To Improve Our Services.

What makes us different than other lawn care companies? We consistently seek and implement feedback from our customers to serve them better daily! In 2023, we surveyed almost 150 customers to get their personal feedback about our services. We received so much positive feedback from happy homeowners and points where we can improve. Taking additional steps, such as sending out a customer survey, helps us serve our customers to the best of our ability and consistently improve.

Become The Next Brooklawn Success Story!

Since 2018, Brooklawn has been a dependable lawn care choice for Indiana families from Indianapolis to Muncie. Our commitment to top-notch customer service and maintaining a reliable team of technicians is paramount to our success as a trusted Indiana lawn and tree care business. We understand the importance of a healthy and manicured lawn in achieving the eye-catching aesthetics of your property, and we take pride in delivering consistent excellence.

If you’re searching for the best lawn care company in Indianapolis and Muncie to call your own, look no further. Brooklawn is dedicated to delivering dependable local care to Indiana families and properties. Let us serve your lawn and trees with comprehensive services and discover results within days! Contact us at or give us a ring at 888-794-9555 to learn more about what Brooklawn can do for you.