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New Lawn & Tree Care Company

New Lawn & Tree Care Company

Entrepreneur Launches New Lawn & Tree Care Company

January 15, 2015, Muncie, IN – Jason Brooks of Jay-Crew Landscape, Inc. is proud to announce the creation of a new company called Brooklawn Services to offer personalized turf and tree care services to commercial and residential customers in Central Indiana. Brooklawn Services will handle all of the lawn care & tree care work previously delivered by Jay-Crew Landscape and Showplace Lawncare & Landscaping while adding new markets throughout Indiana.

Brooks purchased the lawn care side of the business from Pendleton, Indiana-based Showplace in late 2014 and has combined it with the lawn care division of his current company, Jay-Crew Landscape, Inc. Jay-Crew Landscape and Showplace Landscaping will both continue to provide landscaping services to their individual clients as in the past. This change only affects lawn & tree care services. “By combining the expertise and resources of two teams into one company, strictly focused on lawn and tree care services, we are able to provide an enhanced customer experience,” stated Brooks. “Jay-Crew has experienced significant growth in our commercial landscape maintenance business over the last two years, and this change also allows our Jay-Crew team to focus on serving this growing client base as well.”

Brooklawn will be led by a team of lawn and tree care professionals, each with decades of experience in the industry. Jason Brooks will serve as President of the new company while Scott Semon will serve as Operations Manager, overseeing direct client service and daily operations. Doyle Brunk & Coy Freeman from the heart and soul of the customer service leadership team as Turf Specialists.

To learn more about Brooklawn Services, visit or call our toll-free number 888.794.9555