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Letter from the Operations Manager

Letter from the Operations Manager

What’s the old saying about living in Indiana? “If you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes and it will change.” Well, we have seen another up and down summer weather season in Indiana. In June and July we saw very wet and humid conditions. Lately, we have seen dry conditions emerge. Both of these extremes cause us to review the products and techniques we use at Brooklawn Services to keep your property looking its best. We have addressed and made changes accordingly to deal with the unpredictable weather this season- to keep up with the wet weather and increased insect and disease issues.


This fall we are expecting an increase in grub worm activity, due to the rising population of Junebugs and Japanese beetles. Damaged areas are being found now; areas to watch for are brown spots in the lawn where the grass pulls up with little effort. Please call us if you would like us to check your lawn for grub damage.


Fall is the absolute best time of the year for improving your lawn. Aeration, reseeding, increased fertilizer measures, and blanket weed control treatments are all able to be done during these months. It’s a perfect time to rejuvenate your lawn and prepare for the winter months ahead.


Thank you again for trusting your lawn and landscape care to Brooklawn Services. Please contact the office if we can be of assistance with an estimate for a treatment, or to answer any questions regarding your service. On behalf of the Brooklawn team, enjoy being outdoors and the beauty of the upcoming fall season.

-Scott Semon, Operations Manager