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Brooklawn Tip #5

Brooklawn Tip #5

Don’t Let Grubs Ruin Your Lawn!

May 13, 2016, Muncie, IN – At Brooklawn Services, our goal is to inform and educate our customers so that you may enjoy the best lawn and landscape possible. From time to time we will make suggestions and recommendations, but we will never attempt to sell you something you don’t need. With that in mind, we wanted to talk to you about Grub Worms.

White grubs can be one of the most damaging insects to your turf and unfortunately, the better the turf, the more likely grubs are to attack. According to Purdue University,

“Grubs feeding on the root system of grass plants cause the greatest insect injury to Indiana Lawns.”

With this in mind, we would like to provide you with an estimate to prevent grub damage this summer. Keep in mind that our grub preventer applications are fully guaranteed. If you purchase this application and later you have any damage, Brooklawn Services will repair that lawn damage at no additional cost to you.