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A Letter from Our Operations Manager

A Letter from Our Operations Manager

As we head into the fall season here in Central Indiana, 2022 has been a year that wasn’t very kind to our lawns. We started with a very wet April and cooler than normal temperatures throughout the spring. That time-period was then followed by a hot and dry stretch of weather that put central Indiana into moderate drought status. That 6-week period from early June through mid-July put many lawns into dormant phase and caused severe stress to lawns. Although every summer seems to have a hot, dry stretch, this one was more prolonged and more severe than most summers.


This year more than ever showed the importance of keeping enough water on your lawn to help maintain overall health of the lawn. Properties that have irrigation systems obviously fared very well, but also those properties where customers manually watered, did well also. This is a great reminder that even just a couple of waterings during those severe drought periods can have a significant impact on your lawns ability to recover.


For those lawns that have drought stress and damage, fall is the opportunity to repair those areas. We performed many aeration and overseed jobs in late August through early October and those services should offer many benefits come next spring. In addition to aeration and overseeing, adding a late fall fertilizer (winterizer treatment) to your lawn can help promote root growth and help with the thickness and vigor of your lawn.


Thank you for your business this past year, we are always grateful for each and every one of our customers. If you have any questions or concerns with your lawn, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our office.



-Scott Semon, Operations Manager