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When it comes to lawn care and tree & shrub care for your home or business, we recognize you have many options. That is why Brooklawn Services is committed to providing a personalized approach to every service we deliver. Serving customers throughout Central and East Central Indiana, we live and work alongside our customers and care about the communities we serve.

Brooklawn Services provides all you need to have a healthy, vibrant lawn and landscape. Our lawn care services cover lawn fertilization, weed control, aeration and much more! For pest services, Brooklawn offers season-long mosquito control and foundation insect control to keep insect populations at bay. We also treat trees and shrubs to keep them disease-free and thriving. Our technicians are dedicated to keeping your lawn, trees, and shrubs green and beautiful!

Our Turf & Tree Care Specialists are all Indiana state certified and have years of experience ensuring you receive the highest quality service from true professionals who have made this industry their career. Brooklawn is focused on lawn care and tree & shrub care services, allowing us to provide an enhanced customer experience at a fair price.



Lawn Fertilizer
Weed Control
Grub Control

Tree &
Shrub Care

Disease Control
Bagworm & Japanese Beetle Infestation
Soil Conditions


Keeps Insects Out!
8-Foot Barrier on Exterior
5-Application Treatment

Mosquito Control

Repels Mosquitoes
Kid & Pet Friendly
Protection from Disease-carrying Pests


Core Aeration
Greener, Healthier Grass

Dear Brooklawn Staff,

You probably get some occasional letters of complaint, but maybe not many letters of thanks.
I’m sitting on my patio, enjoying this beautiful view and weather. It occurred to me- I should pass on my husband’s and my compliments to Brooklawn’s team.
Our lawn has improved the past few years under your care, and that says a lot- considering that we have high standards for our grass. (aka, picky people!) Even the outer perimeter of our lawn, the area beyond our four evergreen berms, is looking better after my request for attention there.

I know of at least three and probably four neighbors on our street who have switched their lawn service to your company, based on our personal recommendations and on our lawn’s appearance. So your dedication is being noticed by more people than ourselves.

We appreciate Brooklawn’s integrity on not diluting chemicals and not diluting good lawn service.

Brooklawn Services


2901 S. Gharkey
Muncie, IN 47302

Indianapolis West

7787 W. Morris St.
Indianapolis, IN 46231

Indianapolis East

2702 N. Shadeland Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46219