Prevent Grub Damage in Your Lawn!

Brooklawn takes a proactive approach to preventing grubs from infesting your lawn.

Protect Your Lawn

Lawn grubs, also known as white grubs, are a destructive pest that can cause significant damage to your lawn. Their bodies are white with an orange/brown color head and often appear in the shape of a ‘C’. Grubs live underground in the soil making them difficult to detect.

Some signs of grub damage include:

  • Brown patches in the spring
  • Randomly shaped dead patches in late summer and fall
  • Your lawn feels spongy
  • Damage from skunks, raccoons, or birds.


If you’ve discovered grubs in your lawn, but have not applied a preventative grub control, your options are extremely limited, and your results will be less than stellar.

Effective Grub Control Solutions

It only takes a few short weeks for a grub-infested lawn to be destroyed, making prevention key in controlling grubs.

Your grub control treatment plan will involve applying a specialized product to your lawn during the early summer months, prior to egg hatching season, to create a barrier that prevents grubs from infesting. You’ll receive a second application in the fall to ensure year-round protection.

The added benefits associated with using a preventive approach versus a curative one includes a much lower environmental footprint and a greater level of efficacy.

Grubs are a common problem in Muncie and the Indianapolis area. Brooklawn offers specialized grub control services to safeguard your lawn from those pesky grubs.

Prevent Grub Damage in Your Lawn!

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