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The Best Time for Lawn Aeration in Indiana

August is here, and that means the window of opportunity to aerate and over seed your lawn is quickly approaching. Regardless of whether your lawn is thick and green, or you have small bare areas that need help filling in, aeration with overseeding is the most beneficial service that we perform all year.

Keep your lawn flourishing

Lawn aeration involves the removal of small soil plugs or cores from the ground, leaving 2.5″-4″ holes in the lawn. Don’t be alarmed–this is part of the process! The holes allow nutrients and water to go deep into the soil, in addition to making this the perfect time to add new varieties of turf grass seed to the lawn. The seed falls into the holes left behind by the core aerator and germinates. As the final stage in the process, this allows for new grass plants to grow with deep roots—making your lawn thicker and healthier.

Signs your lawn needs aeration with overseeding

Essentially every lawn could benefit from this annual service! You especially want to consider aeration and over seeding if you have any of the following:

  • Areas of high traffic that look stressed
  • A lawn that browns easily from heat or drought stress
  • A lawn with poor drainage
  • A lawn that has had problems with lawn diseases, bare spots, or thinning out

Benefits of aerating and overseeding

  • Improves fertilizer effectiveness
  • Improves water absorption
  • Reduces soil compaction
  • Increases airflow to the root system
  • Helps break down the thatch layer
  • Thicker lawn helps choke out weeds
  • Enhances infiltration of rainfall or irrigation
  • Helps prevent run-off from overly compacted area
  • Introduces new and improved grass types


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